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1503 S Grand Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705

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About us | Family-Owned Vehicle Repair

 Family-run business for more than 20 years
g Auto Care is a family owned and operated business serving Santa Ana and Orange County for more than 20 years.
In 1997 the state of California introduce The Acceleration Simulation Mode (ASM) program requiring vehicles to be tested on a dynamometer.
This is when a young man virgin to the smog industry newly license as a smog technician with no capital but full of goals and dreams was able to get a lease and acquired a fifty thousand dollar BAR-97 EIS unit also known in the automotive industry as smog machine and opened a 12x25 square  feet one bay smog station in the city of Santa Ana.
The successful business model, the strategies and burning desire of this young man led to a tremendous growth that a 5000 square feet facility opened three years later.
Today g Auto Care is designed to be efficient smog testing facility with multiple bays so we can smog more than one car at a time and get you on your way more quickly, most cars get in and out in about 15minutes or less.  Our "PASS or FREE RE-TEST" policy assures you of an honest and unbiased test.